ESBrowser - fast & easy

ES Browser is one of the best browsers in the mobile browser as a "lightweight player" with its lightweight, easy-to-use and fastest features.

Redundant decorative features were removed, and the reliability of high-speed ES browsers was less than 1MB. In order to achieve a smooth web search, the ultimate user experience was achieved.

main feature

• Lightweight - The ES browser is less than 1MB, which does not put pressure on the phone's memory and ensures that your phone runs smoothly.

• Fast - Quickly browse web pages on a variety of Apple devices, even with 2G networks.

• Easy - The user interface and settings are easy to use, concise, and easy to understand, which greatly facilitates searching and browsing the web.

► Quick collection

Get your favorite URLs with one click.

► Instantly present search results

Revisit previously browsed or frequently visited URLs and instantly present them as you type.

► Multi-tag management

Through easy gestures, easily switch between multiple tabs in the browser window.

► Bookmarks

Tag your favorite URLs for later access or quick navigation when needed.

► Background playback:

Listen to your favorite music while using any application or screen off.

► Privacy

We don't record any of your activities and will never share with anyone because we don’t have any sharing

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