Can not login youtube?

you can play any video first,then login will ok.

Is this app free?

Yes, this app is free.

The app is supported by the advertisements that display within the app. Feel free to use this app all you like with the peace of mind that you will not be asked to pay unexpected charges. However, please be aware that data charges for using the internet may be incurred.

Can the app be used offline?

The app cannot play files offline.

To play music or movies offline the app would need to download data, which would be copying the work of a copyright holder, which is against the law. This app does not have any functionality that would break the law.

Will this app incur IP connection fees (GB)?

Playing music and movies will lead to data charges.

However, this app is designed to use as little data as possible. In addition, you can avoid data charges and data limits by using this app in a Wi-Fi environment.

How do I stop the notifications from the app?

In order to stop the app’s notifications, open the “Settings” app on your iPhone or iPad. Select the name of this app and set the notification button to “off.”

How do I watch videos in full screen?

Press the arrow in the bottom-right of the screen while a video is playing and hold the iPhone horizontally to play videos in full screen.